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Oliver Mulvey

Proprietor of Mulvey’s Garden Centre Athlone

This is a saying which has encompassed Oliver’s life and given him the determination in which to create such a wonderful world of colour from humble beginnings. It has taken half a life time to create this garden centre and it would be nothing if not for the vision and dedication of this man.

Some say that life is like a dream and the harder you work the more you’re dreams come true

Areas of Expertise

Wide Ranging

Mainly Vegetables



Chemicals and Landscape Advice

Few can measure the worth of 35 years of experience in every aspect of horticultural life coupled with a diploma of horticulture from Warrenstown Horticultural College.

Bernadette Mulvey

Proprietor of Mulveys Garden Centre

“Behind every great man there is an even greater women”

Known by most and loved by all sums “Bernie” up. Few deny the hard work and dedication of Bernadette in making Mulvey’s garden centre what it is today and for creating and maintaining our proud tradition of excellent and friendly personal service.

Graduated from Kilroy’s College Dublin.

Areas of Expertise


Bedding Plants



Containers and Overall Floral Design